Unlock your acting by exploring the Meisner technique and its links to systemic tools for change, in a playful and supportive environment.


Pre-registration is open for the start of the school year in October 2023.

16 hours (4 x 4h)
2pm - 6pm, STAGE
387 €
36 hours (9 x 4h)
Monday 14h - 18h
3 x 234 €
36 hours (9 x 4h)
Tuesday 2 - 6 pm
Waiting list
3 x 234 €
36 hours (9 x 4h)
Thursday 14h - 18h
3 x 287 €
36 heures (9 x 4h)
vendredi 14h - 18h
3 x 287 €

If these schedules do not suit you, you can make an option on the next courses by mail here

Cours hebdomadaires

🤝  Engagement pour un trimestre de cours, renouvelable pour les niveaux supérieurs.

⛱  Les semaines de la Toussaint, du 23 octobre au 5 novembre, ainsi que la semaine du 27 novembre au 3 décembre seront des semaines de pause. Les créneaux de répétitions auto-gérées resteront ouverts pour ceux qui souhaitent pratiquer.

🎁  L’inscription  au cours en présentiel offre également accès aux groupes correspondants de l’espace communauté et créneaux de répétitions auto-gérées loués par l’école. Plus de détails ci-dessous.

🔑  Dans tous les cas, la pré-inscription et réservation d’un entretien téléphonique sont les premières étapes pour rejoindre :


🤝  Engagement pour un 4 jours de 4h, avec passerelles prioritaires possibles vers les cours hebdomadaires.

🎁  L’inscription au cours en présentiel offre également une possibilité d’accès aux groupes correspondants de l’espace communauté.

🔑  Il n’y a pas d’entretien pour rejoindre un stage, les inscriptions se font dans la limite des places disponibles, et le stage remplace l’entretien pour la poursuite du travail :



    • 4 hours per week in small groups supervised by Octave Karalievitch, 3 weeks per month
    • Pedagogical appendices, regular emails and online community access to learn the technique independently by understanding the rules of the exercises for yourself
    • Exercises and personalized prescriptions to deepen the work outside of class (different for each person)
    • Whatsapp and Circle groups for follow-up and questions about the application of the technique outside of class
    • 2 remedial courses per term for justified absences
    • 3 slots of 3 hours per week for the use of premises for self-managed rehearsals supervised by Octave (optional and fixed according to the availability of the groups)

OPTIONAL (after registration)

  • A filmed session at the end of the term and introduction to playing in front of the camera in Meisner (editing not included)
  • 3 Gestalt orientation group sessions to support and perpetuate this personal work (one per month)

Become more just and sincere, in a healthy and effortless way

Set up the foundation for your custom work system in 12 weeks


  • the 3 approaches to the rehearsal exercise as they have been developed around the world, with the different possible “rules of the game” and their consequences, and their links with Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • a training program to continue working outside of class and the establishment of rituals for the actor
  • physical impulses and the work of the 3 moments
  • emotions and connection with the body and meditation
  • views and self-expression in freedom and truth
  • the grouping of the 3 approaches and their links with the rest of the work
  • evolutionary psychology and the consequences for the audience’s attention and the actor’s instrument
  • the “as if” framework from Stanislavski to Meisner via NLP; the different possible applications for the work, from the rehearsal exercise to the particularization for the work of the text
  • the “faith of the actor” for Meisner and the consideration of the given circumstances
  • independent activity work and exploration of core values with NLP
  • initiating connections to human activities and text analysis in Meisner
  • the advanced work of the points of view for the adaptation of the technique to the directions of actors
  • writing and imagination techniques to stimulate the actor’s suggestibility and exploration of imaginary circumstances
  • the contributions of NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Cognitive Sciences
  • individualized recommendations for each person



After studying science (mathematics and physics in preparatory classes, then philosophy of science and knowledge), Octave turned to psychology and cognitive science, and became interested in research in 3 areas in particular: creativity, education and therapy.

Interested in the processes of personal development and liberation, he also trained in contemporary tools of “brief therapies” and coaching such as NLP orEricksonian Hypnosis, of which he is a certified Master Practitioner by the Society of NLP.

After training as an actor, he discovered many Russian and American techniques (among others : Constantin STANISLAVSKI, Stella ADLER, Sanford MEISNER, Lee STRASBERG, Eric MORRIS…) and it is the Meisner technique which particularly attracts his attention, beyond the unexpected sincerity that it confers to the actor, by its healthy, playful and simple side.

Noticing from the start the links with his previous fields of study, he also realizes the variety of his approaches in the world. He then created the Paris Meisner Studio to bring qualified teachers to Paris, in order to continue training in the right way while exploring complementary aspects of this technique, its history and evolution.

In his quest to perfect the understanding of the Meisner technique for himself and other students, he has established a novel system of research and development of which the Meisner & Systemic Coaching program is the result.

In parallel to his teaching and directing activities, Octave continues to train in various related fields to enrich this research, having begun, among others, a 5-year Gestalt therapy curriculum atEPG, a certified trainer training and a training in Brad Blanton ‘s Radical Honesty tools (derived from Gestalt therapy and Ericksonian hypnosis, and aligned with the development of the Meisner technique’s viewpoint work).

As well as traditional meditation techniques and Buddhist systems of mind-body connection, especially Vipassana.


The educational foundations of our Meisner program

🔍 Très différemment enseignée et comprise de par le monde, la technique Meisner est héritière d’une longue histoire de recherche et d’enseignement de l’acting dont les sources sont souvent méconnues.

📚 Nous retraçons ici ses origines, ses développements et sa postérité :

This last link corresponds to the general program of this course.


The next courses displayed here correspond by default to LEVEL 1.

Re-enrollment for subsequent levels is done internally at the end of each term.

The “classic” Meisner program, traditionally in 2 years, is largely covered here by the first 3 terms: level 1, 2 and 3.

The “second year”, corresponding to levels 5, 6 and 7, concerns the advanced work of applying technique to the conditions of filming and directing, already covered in the first year.

It also introduces the basics of career coaching, production, and writing, in conjunction with the rest of the program.


Registration for this course is done on a quarterly basis, on the site for level 1, then renewable on a priority basis for those registered for the current quarter for the following levels, before opening up to former students who wish to resume work.

Payment can be made in monthly instalments, at €287 per month for 3 months, all-inclusive (see INCLUSIONS at the top of the page).

The packages listed under “Optional (after registration)” will be offered at a later date.