Sanford Meisner, like Stanislavski, was constantly creating and testing new exercises to meet the individual problems of the actors.
Meisner even had a dedicated "lab" class: a laboratory for his students, and his technique.

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4 September 2022

📚 Playlist

Cette Liste de lecture niveau 1 🥉 est celle que nous recommandons à nos stagiaires qui souhaitent commencer à avancer avant la rentrée. Cet article continent […]
4 September 2022

🚣♀️ Moving forward this summer: writing and producing a short film with a phone

This text was sent on August 13, 2022 to subscribers to our private emails “The actor’s news”, which you can join at the end of the […]
4 September 2022

🧠 A miracle memorization technique

This text was sent to the trainees of our program Meisner & systemic coaching among the pedagogical resources that accompany the face-to-face work. To go directly […]
4 September 2022

🔑 Foundations: some keys to working on your side

This text was sent on April 17, 2022 to the subscribers toour private emails “L’actu de l’acteur “, which you can join at the end of […]
4 September 2022

Protected: 📈 Broadwell’s 4 stages of learning.

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