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Our program of research and development in acting techniques, based in particular on the various approaches to the Meisner technique and their links with systemic tools for change(Gestalt, Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, cognitive sciences, meditation...) developed by Octave Karalievitch . This program clarifies the basics for students who have already been taught Meisner elsewhere, deepens and accelerates the work for students new to the technique, and frees up personal barriers for everyone.

weekly classes: first term in Paris (🥉), renewable for subsequent levels (🥈🥇)

for our internships and free classes in Paris, in the provinces or abroad, you can apply here, specifying your city.

Next 4-hour "discovery" sessions, in Paris for the time being: registration contact session.

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We offer career development assistance with a new cycle of thematic courses and professional meetings, including contact files and practical resources. Our mission is to boost your career in the film and audiovisual sectors so that you can make a better living from your profession.

(in the process of being reopened)


From smartphone film production workshops for dedicated festivals and custom short films, to play creation coaching, we offer a range of options to assist you in producing your own projects and creating your own opportunities as actors.

Getting behind the camera also allows you to practice and apply regularly the exercises from acting classes, translation of acting directions in the Meisner technique, and to become aware of the different technical roles that allow the production of a film or theater work.

(in the process of being reopened)


Inspired by American writing techniques, and linked to the practice of the Meisner technique, thesimple principles of screenwriting are proposed to you throughpractical and interactive workshops to support and inspire you in the creation of your own projects.

These courses also apply toplaywriting, and complement the text analysis work for the actor as well as the storytelling aspects of your personal presentations for the career coaching course.

(in the process of being reopened)