Our favorite tools
On this page you will find some of the main tools we recommend to actors.

Our recommendations...

For your acting resume: CANVA

There are many resume creation websites, some of them paying.

Did you know that CANVA now has free actor resume templates, developed by professional designers and customizable in a few clicks?

Choose the style you prefer, import your main photo, enter your information and there you have it, your acting resume updated in minutes!

To film with a Smartphone: FILMIC PRO

For several years now, our cell phones have been filming in 4k.

With a few well-adapted filters, you can turn your smartphone videos into real cinema shots, as long as you can use your phone's full potential and control the settings in detail.

The Filmic Pro application allows you to do this.

To meditate : VIPASSANA

One of the oldest meditation techniques in India and the original teaching attributed to the Buddha 2500 years ago, the Vipassana technique according to the approach of S. N. Goenka is a complete phenomenological approach which is not unrelated to our work.

It is also for the actor who practices it regularly a natural psychological reinforcement, in addition to associating it with his body in the present moment.

You can book your first 10-day retreat for free (where you will also be provided with food and lodging) and thus "settle in" gradually to this very beautiful technique.

To choose your photos : PHOTO FEELER

The photo is a determining factor in being pre-selected for casting.

And as you know, most of the time, your communication tools are just quickly skimmed over, and the choice is largely made unconsciously!

Instead of asking your relatives, who are not a representative sample and are not objective, or self-proclaimed experts of actor's photo books who will often only rationalize their own ideologies and personal tastes, why not test scientifically Which of your photos are the most striking, according to specific criteria?

The Photo Feeler site allows you to do so.

Have as many people as possible rate your photos to see which ones are really the most interesting in the categories you can choose from, all for free. Or, if you don't want to have to vote yourself on other people's photos, and you're in a hurry, you can pay a little to save time.

To learn your texts: MEMORIZER

Learning the text is one of the biggest pitfalls for actors, regardless of their training or acting techniques.

When their text is really known, this work is often tedious and relies on mnemonics or visualizations that can dissociate them and favor a very mechanical and not very spontaneous game.

Fortunately, there is ONE memorization technique that is much easier and more effective than the others, and which has the advantage of not using intermediate visualization and of being able to work spontaneously from there. It is a combination of several learning techniques in education that we have explored in detail.

Before our more advanced videos on these two aspects (from memorization to text work), the Memorizer site automatically takes you through the essential steps of this technique that changes everything.

Test it with your next text, which you can copy and paste into the box following the simple instructions in English (Google Translate can help you with these short instructions), and tell us what you thought!

For your email signature : MY SIGNATURE

Your email signature allows you to effortlessly recall your essential information during email exchanges with agents, casting directors, directors or producers.

Associate your name with your face with this repetition, and offer your interlocutors links to your com tools, social networks and contact information in an elegant and professional way with the MySignature sitewhich will produce a nice email signature for you in no time.

You can customize the settings as you prefer, but for even more flexibility (and taking a little more time) you can also use CANVA (mentioned at the beginning of the page).

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