After studying science (mathematics and physics in preparatory classes, then philosophy of science and knowledge), Octave turned to psychology and cognitive science, and became interested in research in 3 areas in particular: creativity, education and therapy.

Interested in the processes of personal development and liberation, he also trained in contemporary tools of “brief therapies” and coaching such as NLP orEricksonian Hypnosis, of which he is a certified Master Practitioner by the Society of NLP.

After training as an actor, he discovered many Russian and American techniques (among others : Constantin STANISLAVSKI, Stella ADLER, Sanford MEISNER, Lee STRASBERG, Eric MORRIS…) and it is the Meisner technique which particularly attracts his attention, beyond the unexpected sincerity that it confers to the actor, by its healthy, playful and simple side.

Noticing from the start the links with his previous fields of study, he also realizes the variety of his approaches in the world. He then created the Paris Meisner Studio to bring qualified teachers to Paris, in order to continue training in the right way while exploring complementary aspects of this technique, its history and evolution.

In his quest to perfect the understanding of the Meisner technique for himself and other students, he set up a novel system of research and development of which the
Meisner & systemic coaching
is the result.

In parallel to his teaching and directing activities, Octave continues to train in various related fields to enrich this research, having begun, among others, a 5-year Gestalt therapy curriculum atEPG, a certified trainer training and a training in Brad Blanton ‘s Radical Honesty tools (derived from Gestalt therapy and Ericksonian hypnosis, and aligned with the development of the Meisner technique’s viewpoint work).

As well as traditional meditation techniques and Buddhist systems of mind-body connection, especially Vipassana.

In 2022, Octave produced and co-directed with Guillaume Caramelle the school’s first short film, “
C’est pas le Pérou!
“a comedy written by Aurélien Laplace. The film is available on OCS, CanalPlay and Amazon Prime.